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'a plain fish, and no doubt marketable'

I have copied this from my Profile since it's probably easier to read it here than navigate to another page. I also know that some people find 'friends-only' journals to be a tad tiresome.

Lordy, what can one say about oneself without sounding like an arse?

Firstly, I have made this journal friends only due to professional factors. (And that's probably made me sound like an arse already?) Please don't let this put you off saying hello. If it does, then it's probably best that you pass on by. I am more than happy to welcome new friends to this journal, but also uphold the right of veto. I do believe that journaling is a two-way thing, so have deleted all of those people who watch only and don't participate.

I am forty-one, so positively ancient in gay years. I am English and live in Essex in a town on the Thames Estuary. I work in London. I spend most of my spare time with my partner, Chris, and our dogs - Scruff and Poppy (and, yes, I know 'Scruff' is a gay cruising app, but my stepson doesn't know that). I enjoy creative writing (fiction, the odd poem and two pantomimes to date) and amateur dramatics (although this is currently on hold). I have performed in 29 productions - favourite roles include Lenny in The Homecoming and Gus in The Dumb Waiter.

I read English & European Literature at the University of Essex and recently completed a degree in Counselling. Since graduating in my first degree I have worked for the Civil Service, in the publishing industry, the charity sector and currently in the higher education sector.

I have complete organ reversal, which means my heart is on my right, etc.

I first drove a car when I was nine years old and subsequently learned to drive in my dad's Morris Minor.

I became a vegetarian in October 1992 - so 22 years now.

I like gin, dogs, men, theatre, blue skies, vegetarian food, rollercoasters, hot chocolate from Paul and being outdoors.

My journal tends to contain a lot of photographs - in particular Scruff and Poppy, flowers, trees and the odd old building. Chris, my parents, Chris' grandchildren, friends, Scruff and Poppy are the most important elements of my life, so I tend to talk about them a lot. I am making tentative steps into meditation and spirituality and try to tread softly wherever I go. A little thoughtfulness and friendliness goes a long way and costs nothing.

I'm always interested in meeting and talking to new people and am eternally fascinated by the diversity of human existence. There's a whole world out there and life's too short to sit back and watch. If life gives you lemons, pass the salt and Tequila, baby! I'm here to chat, so go on, seize the day - or mouse - and say hello.

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